It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

Charles Darwin

There’s an African proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” True partnerships and successful collaborations are win-win.

Collaboration, or franchising as it is more commonly known, brings with it new ideas and resources you can leverage to your advantage.

Bridle Group can help you to discover synergies, and create new business partnerships, partnerships that can help give you access to new customers, new products and new markets.


“The Bridle Franchise opportunity has allowed us to partner with an industry leading organisation. The support, knowledge, training and support is second to none. Octane Vehicle Leasing have been fortunate enough to partner with Bridle Group in September this year as a new start business and with the help of Alan, Duncan, Tano and Nickie we have grown faster than we ever anticipated, allowing us to employ more staff and increase sales.”

Tony Richardson, Octane Vehicle Leasing

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Have you been asking?

  • What are my competitive advantages in this new world?
  • Where are my new opportunities?
  • What is my ‘Digital Strategy’?
  • What is my ‘Recurring Revenue Stream’?
  • What is my ‘Sustainability Strategy’?
  • Is my overall business strategy clear to your customers?
  • Is my team aligned and ready to deliver?

Let Bridle Group help your business achieve an exceptional recovery

The current pandemic has changed the way we live and work forever. This means that going back to the status quo is an option that no longer exists for millions of people and businesses across the UK.

In reality, many of the changes we have seen have been on the cards for some time, but restrictions on movement and sudden drops in revenue have significantly accelerated the pace of change. Every cost is being questioned, every process challenged, and meetings, communications, marketing, products and services are now delivered or managed in a virtual world. As a result, companies large and small are under pressure to re-evaluate their entire business strategy.

To make things a little easier, Bridle Group can help you answer key questions around what your business could look like in the short, medium, or longer term and what the big digital switch means to you. But it doesn’t stop there.

The British Chamber of Commerce recently reported that 62% of businesses in the UK only have financial reserves to allow them to survive for between one and three months. This means that businesses that went into this crisis without a robust balance sheet, built from healthy margins, prudent financial management and sufficient capital, should be looking at ways of collaborating to support cash flow and maximise each and every business opportunity.

Amidst the financial crisis brought about by COVID-19, it should also be remembered that successful businesses are people businesses. Without the right people, the purpose and sustainability of any company ceases to exist.

The opportunity to collaborate with Bridle Group could protect your people and your business, making sure you achieve an exceptional recovery through one of the most challenging economic climates most of us can remember.

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